NYC club kids originals Astro Ernie and Michael Alig- originally pinned by

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Björk with NYC club kids originals WaltPaper, Kedra, Michael Alig and others - pinned by

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Michael Alig - NYC. The 'Club Kids' were a group of young New York City club characters in the late 1980's and early 1990's. The Club Kids group were mostly led by Michael Alig and James St.James, and were distinguished by their outrageous costumes. The Club Kids influence grew quickly and nightclubs started to pay leader Michael Alig just to show up with his entourage of Club Kids to draw in more customers to the clubs and add variety to their night life. - Originally pinned by…

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Michael Alig, James st James, Chris Comp, Amanda LePore, all amazing club kids!!

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pic from Tunnel Club in New York dated 1993 - Michael Alig, Richie Rich, the great Nina Hagan, Sophia Lamar and Genetalia -photo: Steve Eichner in W Magazine in 2015

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