After the Mexican War of Independence, Oaxaca became a state that was split into a liberal and conservative faction. Above is an Oaxaca coin from the war.

Vicente Guerrero, Revolutionary General in the Mexican War of Independence against Spain, First Black (Afro-Mexican) President in North America

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Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Catholic priest, launches the Mexican War of Independence with the issuing of his Grito de Dolores, or “Cry of Dolores,” The revolutionary tract, so-named because it was publicly read by Hidalgo in the town of Dolores, called for the end of 300 years of Spanish rule in Mexico, redistribution of land, and racial equality.

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Isidoro Montes de Oca (1789–1847) was a Mexican-Filipino revolutionary general who fought in the Mexican War of Independence between 1810 to 1821. Description from I searched for this on

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War Part 1: In the picture above is the Mexican war of independence. Mexico has been in many wars in the past, but this one was one of the most important. The mexican war of independence was a movement for what Mexico used to be called, New spain. Mexico was one of the first countries to fight against Spain. Spain wanted Mexico’s territory, but Mexico didn’t want to give that territory up to Spain. So they went into a war from 1810 to 1821. So they went into a war from 1810 to 1821.

Mexican War Of Independence leader Miguel Hidalgo

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