Lol So True cx My Grandma Be Like Oh Yeah Your Cousins From Mexico. Im Like Wtf? How Many Do I Have??

This is not true for just Latinos. I be like How many cousins do I have. Then they wanna break down the family tree.

Omg I don't get it when people post these pics with a caption like "mexican problem" like its not a prob it's a perk!

Mexicans Be Like - Mexican Problems - Don't laugh! Lotteria is lots of fun! It helped my limited vocabulary when I was a kid!

Mexican Problem #5362 - Mexican Problems

Mexican Problem - Mexican Problems: no soy mexicano but this always happens with my mommy!

I know and if you haven't tried one then you haven't lived

Mexican problems>> you know you're a Whovian when you expect a joke about a crack in the universe.

Mexicans Be Like #9218 - Mexican Problems

53 Signs You Grew Up Eating Mexican Food