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emiliano zapata, first guerrillero to popularize skinny jeans. Also the twenty gallon riding hat. John Wayne and Clint Eastwood got their looks from Mexicans, originators of the Western cowboy hat.


(c. 1847) Portrait of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson during the Mexican-American War believed to be taken in Mexico City


This cowboy fits the description (at least the top half!) given in an 1871 Kansas newspaper: “His dress consists of a flannel shirt with a handkerchief encircling his neck, butternut pants and a pair of long boots, in which are always the legs of his pants. His head is covered by a sombrero, which is a Mexican hat with a high crown and a brim of enormous dimensions.”

The original cowboys were Mexican cattlemen, vaqueros. They are everything you imagine a cowboy to be. They came up with all of the cowboy lingo, including "bronco," "lariat," & "stampede." Vaqueros rode the long-haul cattle drives. Their sombreros were the precursor to cowboy hats. They wore chaps, held rodeos & lived the life of a cowboy for some 200 years. White settlers did the right thing, stealing the culture, including the title of "vaqueros," which was turned into "buckaroos."