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Orphan orangutans relax for the camera: Primates enjoy one another's company after being rescued from violence and starvation

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We were established to tackle Victorian poverty like this. Today, we fighting the same fight. #Poverty #SocialJustice

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I'm a little obsessed with Tate Langdon. I love a good psychopath. He can murder me all day.

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Saw a guy I arrested back when I was a cop. He recognized me, came up and told me "Thank you for saving my life, the arrest got me off meth"

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Love this because, well, Tate and Violet, but also because it makes me think of in Secretary when Mr. Grey tells Lee she will not cut herself again.

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"Math and meth sound very Similar, except one ruins your life, and then there is just meth. "

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At this point, I'm not even sure I want to get through it. I don't think I can. Is it even worth it? Just leave me alone to die.

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