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There are always meteors burning up in the Earth's atmosphere, and during certain times of the year there are major meteor showers. You want to...


When Good Showers Turn Bad: The 2016 Leonids

from Mail Online

Spectacular reminder of a comet that won't pass by for another 113 years: Incredible pictures of the Perseid meteor shower at its best

This is the annual Perseid Meteor Shower as witnessed from Powys, Wales, today at 2am. The image was captured by photographer and 'Aurora Hunter' Andy Keen


Google Doodle For The Perseid Meteor Shower

Today across most Google home pages, not all, and currently not the US version, you will find a Google Doodle/Logo for the Perseid Meteor Showers. Here is a static picture of one of the frames from the video Google Perseid Meteor Shower Doodle...

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Spinning through the skies: The cosmic ballet of the stars captured by an amateur photographer with a warm coat

Cosmic Ballet Over Kazakhstan by OLga Kulakova via #Olga_Kulakova#Photography #Astronomy Kazakhstan

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The Leonid Meteor Shower Is Tonight and Here's How to Watch It

The Leonid Meteor Shower Is Tonight and Here's How to Watch It-The Leonids are tonight! Should you watch? Oh, yes. Here’s how, when, and why to watch the meteor shower tonight—along with something strangely colorful you may be able to spot in this year’s shower.

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8 of Steve Jobs's Most Poignant Quotes

Trust Your Instincts: Pin Steve Jobs's Most Poignant Quotes: The late Apple founder is in the thoughts of many today.


If you’re as much of a sucker for a good sky-watching event as we are, you’re not gonna want to miss this year’s Perseid meteor shower.