Raynaud's Resource Page - Raynaud's is an autoimmune condition that causes an interruption of blood flow to the fingers, toes, nose and/or ears when a spasm occurs in the blood vessels of these areas. Spasms are caused by exposure to cold temperatures or emotional stress. Approximately 5-10 percent of all Americans suffer from Raynaud's, but only one out of five sufferers seeks treatment. Both men and women suffer from the disease, but women are nine times more likely to be affected.

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ESMO GI provides new insights into HCC and metastatic liver cancer - http://www.freshcancernews.com/esmo-gi-provides-new-insights-into-hcc-and-metastatic-liver-cancer/

Liver Cancer Treatment Options

Icd 9 Code For Metastatic Liver Cancer

HCC is caused by scarring within the liver — alcohol abuse, autoimmune disorders and Hepatitis B or C are the common precursors, although the causes are certainly not limited to this — and it’s a quite unique disease, because unlike other metastatic liver cancers, HCC starts and remains in the liver.

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Primary and metastasizing malignant carcinoma of the liv er represent a challenge to both the diagnostician and the therapist. For this reason, it appears a worthwhile task to review the current statu

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Human cancer cells. (Polarized light micrograph of human cancer cells. Metastatic liver cancer cells showing the distribution of DNA (blue), actin (red), microtubules (green). A dividing anaphase cell is visible.

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