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Metamorphosis Definition

Metanoia - the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, or way of life More

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this illustration is beautiful! and could be redone through the concept of using a females facial/ portrait area and have her lips coloured red to symbolise love-passion/kissing, use half the face of an animal which represents love, use the rose within her hair to represent love etc... as a concept for the cover of my romance novel- just a concept which could work or could not work.

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AgeMaps, Spliced Portraits of People As Youths and Adults

This image works as a photo montage because it combines what people look like when they are young and when they are older.

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Magazine - For Keeps...

We say decaying fine art, but the work of Valerie Hegarty is just so much more. Ravaged paitings, melting canvas, cracked walls, weathered works are all the characteristics of Hegarty's work

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Learning to live with bpd is learning that my peers are changeable, I can't control any one but myself, and to let go. If I fear, I fake and it's much more important to be honest and open with myself. Those who love me, love me regardless of my emotions. There is no shame in talking about them. Challange that fear x

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