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Notes on Metallic Bonds

These notes have been designed to help students understand metallic bonds as a type of chemical bonding. Definitions and examples have been included as well!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

A Collection of Chemical Bonding Activities

A Collection of Chemical Bonding Activities Activities that encourages student participation. • Types of Bonds Focus • Types of Bonds Reference Sheet • Identify the Bond (worksheet) • Ionic True False (Card Sort) • Copper to Silver to Gold Demonstration • Why do Metals? (worksheet) • Ionic, Covalent and Metallic Bond Characteristics (Card Sort) • Pogil Style Lewis Dots Version • VSEPR Explore Version • Bonding Review Worksheet • I Have-Who has Bonding


Number bonds to 10. Choose a padlock with a number calculation on, then find the key with the matching answer to complete the number sentence. Can you record your findings? M_LD x