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Once you get used to the screaming, you start to love the heavy metal guitars and headbanging

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<3 The Bleeding <3 -Five Finger Death Punch... Love this song so much! Has to be my all time favorite song lyrics.

As wicked as you are you're beautiful to me - The Bleeding - Five Finger Death Punch - ❤ this song - Lyrics -

Heavy Metal is The Law.

"Heavy metal is the law that keeps us all united free a law that shatters earth and hell heavy metal can't be beaten by any dynasty we're all wizards fightin' with our spell"

Words of wisdom from Dave.... So freaking true! That's why I stay to my rock music

Pop music is so superficial and shallow, but right now everyone listens to it like it was the best style of music ever. I stay with punk rock, alternative rock, heavy metal and rock

#MusicOlogy #MusicIsTheLanguageOfTheSoul

#MusicOlogy #MusicIsTheLanguageOfTheSoul

If metal music is the work of satan then what kind of monster made pop?  Cool ;)

Well I guess you mean today's mainstream. Because if you look a bit closer at Metal's history you'll see: Metal comes from Hardrock. Hardrock comes from Rock'n'Roll. Like classical music.

#MusicOlogy #MusicIsTheLanguageOfTheSoul

#MusicOlogy #MusicIsTheLanguageOfTheSoul