messy obstacle course game-use slime/shaving cream/paint and tarps

This would be fun for a field day carnival - messy obstacle course game-use slime/shaving cream/paint and tarps

Foam Party Slip-N-Slide!

DIY: Homemade Foam Party Machine

Foam Party Slip-N-Slide! Haha it looks awesome. But I'd never spend that much money/put that much effort into building it. Still, I thought I'd share.

Messtival: Very Messy Games. Also recipes for gunge and slime.

Messtival: Very Messy Games

For many years I have been involved in running activities at events and camps for Scouts and Guides, ranging up to mass games for over 600 kids at once.

Looking for a few game ideas that will have the kids talking about all week?  Try using a game that involves making a mess! Anyone who has ever worked with children know that messy anything is alwa…

Top 5 Messy Games to Play at Church

Two Crazy Cub Masters: Ice Cream Social The other game we played - you have one person down on the ground with an ice cream cone in their mouth. Then the person above has to try to fill up the cone by dropping mini marshmallows into the cone.

Top 10 Messy Party Games for Kids Birthday Parties

Top messy party games to help create a memorable and funtastic birthday for your child.Y party games for parties at home or in the backyard, popular games, original games

spaghetti relay: The kiddos line up across the tarp. One full bowl of noodles (cooked and drizzled with olive oil) at one end, and an empty bowl at the other; pass the spaghetti hands to hands down the line to fill the empty bowl. Use a timer and cheer them on to work speedily.  Is this too messy?!

Inspiring Ideas with artist Jeanne Winters: "Messy Boy Party" Part Let the GAMES begin!