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These messed up Disney Princesses are what you need to be for Halloween

Makeup artist Shonagh Scott reimagined your favourite Disney princesses as victims of tragic events that were inspired by the original story lines. If that sounds creepy, that's because it is, but Halloween is creepy too, so it all kind of makes sense. Got to give it to her though: Her princess transformations are pretty spot-on and the gory makeup is disturbingly believable too.


You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to use your son to lure my husband from me. You knew our only son had died and you used our loss to your advantage. That's just about the lowest thing a person can do to another person.


One part of the day I can be outgoing and all jokes and smiles.. And then, for no apparent reason, I stop smiling and talking and seem to leave this world.. But I'm still here. It's just that my mind wonders and I let it.


If you need some help learning how to pose babies for portraits, consult this list of three can’t-miss strategies for getting the best photos of newborns.

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16 Ways to Wear Braids Like a Boss

Messy and full of body, the British bad girl's hair shows off her wild side — and gives a nod to Brigitte Bardot. "Use a tong to create waves and backcomb the crown of hair to give it height," says Buckett. "When pulling hair back, make the sides tight and the top loose to ensure that you don't lose the volume and bump on the crown. Mess up the ponytail and pick out bangs and fringe on the side."