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There's not enough water - I can hardly keep my gills under and the tepid liquid is causing my lungs to strain. There isn't enough oxygen in it; I've been here too long. My breaths get shorter as my heart beats harder. If they leave me here, I'll smother.

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Cuddlefish Art Print

Cuddlefish Art Print (Kecky) - This looks like it could be the inspiration for a Miyazaki/Ghibli film.

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Image result for sketches of mermaids

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A TITLE. OR SOMETHING., finally got some time and sleep so i got to...

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I lay relaxing on the bottom of the sea. I feel bubbles tickling my forehead from someone breathing. I look up and gasp seeing a boy above me. (I'm her someone be him) (Credit to @geekygirl8)

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Princess & Pirates Party Decoration Ideas from

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Ever since I first started drawing as a little kid, I felt like art gave me complete freedom to create anything I wanted. In reality I'm limited by what I can do, but in my drawings I can meet any ...

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Is he a fish or a boy traditionally inked + photoshop

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40 cool, eye-catching and crazy yummy cupcake designs

Shark cupcakes for Miss Bridget. Nora you can make these!

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