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I know this is from Torchwood/Doctor Who universe but it's funny in terms of Merlin

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I'm a Knight - Merlin Style Threeeeee by on @deviantART

I'm a Knight - Merlin Style Threeeeee by on @deviantART

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Colin Morgan is so attractive that everyone died<---That comment isn't funny after the last episode!

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The Rolls Royce Merlin. 27 litre Supercharged V12. This engine shaped the 20th century in many ways.

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Sherlock season 4. It's only been 2 years.

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Harry Potter/Voldemort and Merlin crossover

This gif may sum up Colin and Bradley's friendship perfectly. Bradley looking to Colin for confirmation, Colin just looking like he's going with the flow. Tumblr

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Merlin and Arthur. I can't be the only one who has always thought that Arthur just looked really attractive in this scene. xP

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