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Uther Pendragon with his PINK DS, ladies and gentlemen. Do you guys remember when they did that stuff for comic relief and they had hairdryers and stuff- I never laughed so hard in my life

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Don't deny the fact that you wanted every single one of her outfits!!! I loved her. Want the green and dark purple most!

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Merlin Official on

Merlin, meet Merlin and Merlin << this is so cute!!!! colin, stop being so adorable!!!!

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"Arthur And Merlin" by sobukhov on Polyvore - this is definitely #Kaylie style. For the record, Kayla is Arthur and I'm Merlin.

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Merlin "Land of Myth, Time of Magic" Hand Stamped Necklace with Clear Crystal on Long Chain

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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Actually I think it's Arthur from Merlin. <-- I always thought that that actor would make THE BEST DAVE

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I really want Merlin's boots- @Kelsey Myers Seitz it's subliminal messaging- those set directors know they're cute!!

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Cosplay: Morgana Pendragon (BBC One’s Merlin)

I must convince them. I must convince them of my loyalty. As of today I am harsh, I am cruel, I am unforgiving. As of today I am the Black King's mistress.

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No. He's referring to the fact you wear the same clothes EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE.<----- for the comment :)

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Merlin, great shot of the forest in Wales where they film the tv series Merlin...

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Vintage DM 1460 Pink Jewel Boots with 6 Eyelets

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Merlin- Arthur and Merlin ---> This is such a great conversation! I can totally hear their voices in my head :)

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A break-down of Merlin's boots. I love belonging to a fandom where every piece of clothing is dissected for better cosplay!

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