15 princesas disney reinventadas como bellas protagonistas de anime. ¡Pocahontas es la mejor!

Brave Merida Headband Brave Merica Ribbon Sculpture by GirlyKurlz

Brave Hair Clip, Princess Hair Clip, Princess Hair Bow, Merida from Brave Ribbon Sculpture Hair Clip

Merida from 'Brave' - medieval costume

‘Brave’ director Brenda Chapman on Disney princess and ‘sexing her up’

Brave. Strong. Beautiful. Find your fate.

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Princess Merida from Brave

Merida from Brave. I'm not a big fan of the girly princesses but Merida stood out for me, she is quite a Tom boy for a princess and her Scottish accent amuses me. - my impressions of her Scottish accents are getting quite good now.

DIY Merida Costume (Adult)   Hair & Makeup Tutorials

DIY Merida Costume (Adult) + Hair & Makeup Tutorials

Learn how to make this Princess Merida costume from the movie Brave. This DIY Merida Costume can be worn short & saucy or with a long, full skirt for a more authentic look.