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“Mercedes-Benz W 196 ‘Silberpfeil’, 1955. The model got its name of Silver Arrow because the car was weighing one kilogram more than it was allowed for particiapting in the Nürburgring race in June 1934.” “The Mercedes-Benz team of mechanics scrapped off the traditionally white paint until they reached the silver aluminium of the body, to comply with the regulations.”


The timing chain in your BMW is a crucial part of the engines mechanics, connecting the crankshaft to the camshaft which in turn operates the valves. If this part is not properly maintained and checked, over time there is a possibility of it failing. If your BMW timing chain snaps, it will cause catastrophic problems to your BMW engine. The exhaust and inlet valves will collide with the pistons damaging all 16 valves and... FULL ARTICLE @

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Unique Steampunk Insects