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What it felt like to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder | Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems

May in Mental Health Month! Did you know 1 in 4 Americans is living with a mental illness. It's time to Do More for 1 in 4.


Senate Passes Mental Health Awareness and Improvement Act


May is Mental Health Month. What does this mean? It is a month dedicated to raising awareness on mental health issues. Mental Health America states how "Sharing is the key to breaking down negative attitudes and misperceptions surrounding mental illnesses, and to show others that they are not alone in their feelings and their symptoms." Break the stigma and show your support!


ARTICLE: Give the Gift of Positive Mental Health -

Millions of Americans are affected by mental health conditions every year. Here are some facts about the prevalence and impact of mental illness.


Homeless individuals often are not able to get access to the services and resources they need in order to attain wellness. Issues related to diet, shelter, sleep, safety and a lack of access to mental and primary health care services all negatively impact the homeless population’s wellness. This Mental Health Awareness Month 2013 campaign is brought to you by USC School of Social Work and MHA.