Infographic on Teen Mental Health. Unfortunately, Teen Screen has closed down. There are still resources for teens, though. is one such resource. Follow this pin to download handouts that can be distributed at schools, clubs, or wherever there are teenagers.

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Mental Health Screening Tools | Mental Health America

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#9: Mental Health America is a website that offers mental health information regarding PTSD. This website discusses symptoms of PTSD, treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy, medication, support groups, relaxation, excise, and keeping a journal.

Check out the presentations from our fantastic panel speakers! You can find them under the individual sections of the conference agenda:

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May is Mental Health Month. Ready for a Mental Health Check-Up? Click here to learn about symptoms to pay attention to. #mentalhealth #depression

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SAMHSA Planning #Grants for Expansion of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and their Families; due Mar 19, 2014; eligibility limited to public entities.

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Apps for Mental Health — SARAH RUMPF, MA, LPC

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When I find a product I love, I want everyone to know about it! That's why today I'm sharing my favorite apps for mental health. Now, generally I encourage reducing screen time (for many reasons, more on that later this week!) but there are a few useful apps that I believe are great for teens and adults alike. One caveat- these apps are a great supplement to counseling and mental healthcare, not a substitute. * My Smiling Mind (App Store and Google Play) o Trying to…

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