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We've been following the progress of Sophie Spittlehouse in her training to run the London Marathon on April 24th 2016 in support of Mental Health Foundation. She's been kind enough to provide us with her 16 Week Marathon Training Plan complete with exercise, nutrition and supplement ideas. If you're looking to start a diet or exercise program, take a look and who knows, maybe you'll be running the London Marathon in 2017!

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(INFOGRAPHIC) Mindfulness Meditation – Prevention – Depression

See on - Cheeky Marketing Research continues to emerge linking mindfulness based meditation to better physical and mental health. Here are the many reasons you should start living in the m...

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Telling Someone with a mental illness to Snap Out of it, is like telling someone who is deaf to listen harder #mentalhealth via International Bipolar Foundation

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13 Incredibly Smart Tips To Be Happier From Mental Health Experts

Want to lose weight, have more energy and feel good? 2 supplements twice a day is all it takes! TruVision is one of the fastest growing weight loss companies! Don't you want to see what all the fuss is about? Join us now:

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