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Mens Overcoat Sale

17% DISCOUNT! Mens Medieval Surcoat; mens overcoat; hanging sleeve garb; mens medieval garb

Like the black colour, style and length of this sleeveless coat, not the tunic as its way too elaborate.


Super smart overcoat - perfect those cold winter mornings. The Whipped Cat Bespoke Tailors make Savile Row Quality Bespoke Suits for personal and corporate clients throughout the UK. Contact us now to book a consultation with one of our Travelling Tailors. Please call: 01728 726545 or email:


Overstocked with a large supply of men’s spring and winter coats, a clothier in Copenhagen, Denmark, adopted a unique sales scheme. He erected a scaffolding around his store building and completely covered it from roof to sidewalk with more than a thousand overcoats. The novel display attracted prospective customers in such droves that police were summoned. Although the police ordered the proprietor to remove the display, he succeeded in selling all the overcoats. From Jasper Morrison…