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Exercises are one of the best meniscus tear treatment options

Knee Meniscus Tear Treatment Options

Find out about the best knee meniscus tear treatment options to help you recover from a torn knee cartilage, one of the most common causes of knee pain.

Knee strengthening exercises for the quads, hamstring, glutes and calves that you can do in your own home. Easy to follow with videos to help.


Prone knee hangs are a good exercise for regain knee extension following a torn meniscus.


Meniscus tear treatment without surgery with 3 exercises

Learn how to do meniscus tear treatment without surgery. How to do a meniscus tear test, Which exercises you have to do and what the recovery time is

Heel slides are a good way to regain knee flexion as part of meniscus tear treatment. Approved use by

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What Are the Treatment Options for a Torn Meniscus?

How Do Doctors Treat a Torn Meniscus? : A meniscus tear may require surgical treatment if the symptoms interfere with activities.

Meniscus Tear Exercises, Treatment and exercises options for knee meniscus tears