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The Man Mani (and Pedi): A Guide for Newbies

“What I notice when men come in for their first manicures and pedicures is their embarrassment,” says Jamie Ahn, Founder and Creative Director of Townhouse Spa in NYC. “But more men come in for manicures and pedicures then they realize. Massage Spa for men and women. Cathy Stadler Licensed Massage Therapist

Have a relaxing massage after a busy day in the city. The Dorchester Spa is a gem in the midst of the London buzz.

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Uplift your soul with our signature spa therapy! Visit Baan Thai Spa - above cafe Leopold, Colaba.

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Chuan Spa at 5 star hotel: Langham Place Mongkok Hotel. This hotel's address is: 555 Shanghai Street Mongkok Hong Kong and have 664 rooms