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4 Exercise Combinations That Crush a Ridiculous Amount Of Calories

One of my favorite ways to increase muscle activation and minute-to-minute calorie burn: combination exercises. They should be an essential part of any rapid fat-loss program.

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The Best Abs Workout You’ve Never Done

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Medical Tests Every Man Needs to Be Healthy for Life

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The Exercise That Torches Belly Fat

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The ultimate cheat’s guide to losing weight, fast! •All credits to the photographer/owner•

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The Hardest Bodyweight Workout You’ll Ever Do

This routine’s 2:1 work-to-rest ratio optimizes both your workout and post-workout calorie burn, says the Men’s Health Fitness Director

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The Most Important Stretch For Your Lower Body

No matter how big or small your squat or deadlift is, you need to do this stretch from Men’s Health Fitness Director B.J. Gaddour. The shin box switch is designed to increase your hip rotation and unglue any tight areas in the joint’s capsule, which can increase your range of motion during lower-body lifts and protect your lower spine. Gaddour calls it one of the most important mobility drills for the lower body.

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The No-Equipment, Total-Body Workout You Can Cram Into 13 Minutes

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The 6 Secrets to Transforming Your Legs—and Ultimately Your Whole Body

About a year ago, I decided to fully dedicate myself to transforming my legs. Which might sound funny, given that I’m the Fitness Director of Men’s Health.

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