I honestly have no clue who this is, but He has some amazing pink hair. So bravo Mister Pink Hair!!

Pink Hair – It’s a Love Affair

Best Men Hair Color * Students who wish to have the funky look can try pink hair color. They will look cute and unique in it. This hairstyle will make them look trendy. But this hair color will look.

Hair Color Ideas 34

60 Incredible Hair Color Ideas For Men – Express Yourself -> Gray Hairstyle for Men

6.Hair Colors for Men

Cut and colour Colour: Top section Powder Lightened with Deep Blue and Electric Purple Semi over the top Styling products: Red Muk styling paste for texture, then finished with hairspray for hold

Leebo Freeman's hair

We know the bowl cut as the goofy looking hairstyle from the but it’s surprisingly making a comeback in the men’s hairstyling world.