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Men's exercise balls & bands

5 Best Abs and Core Exercises With a Stability Ball for Men


You can't tell but I am struggling to stay upright Thought it was a good idea to get my man to show me what he does for abs followed by my usual glute and leg workout. Safe to say I am dead! . . . 3 x 60 kettle bell Russian twists 3 x 60 crunches 3 x 10 gym ball jackknifes Weighted standing oblique side crunches until failure 3 x 8 weighted walking lunges 3 x 20 weighted hip thrusts with resistance band 3 x 8 weighted calf raises 3 x 8 weighted squats . . . Featuring our fave…

How to Use an Exercise Ball (Guide)

Thera Band - Standard Exercise Ball- Thera Band Exercise Balls are inflatable balls used to strengthen postural muscles to improve posture and help prevent back pain. They also increase range of motion, strength, and endurance as well as active stret