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Chandigarh: India's modernist marvel

Le Corbusier spent the 1950s bringing concrete to Chandigarh and 'the City Beautiful'. Picture by Matthias Van Rossen.

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Travel The World's Most Exciting Cities In Vivid Watercolour!

I really love the way this drawing is very vaguely drawn and at the same time precise enough to have us recognize the place.

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Memphis Bridge--pretty all lit up at night and reflecting off the Mississippi River. Same view we had while riding the trolley around town. Great inexpensive way to see the town.

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B. B. King's Blues Club Memphis, Tennessee. Go to or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.

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The artist and designer has always wanted to paint walls, her pleasure and goal in life is to transform dull and boring spaces and walls and to bring them life with bold colour and patterns. Camille Walala is the artist on a mission to brighten up your city—one wall at a time.

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the most famous recording studio in the world. Considered the birthplace of Rock n' Roll, Sun Studio, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison all recorded here. Amazing experience

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1956 19 October in Memphis Court - Elvis was charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct in October 1956 after gas station attendant Ed Hopper told Elvis to clear off his forecourt when Elvis was mobbed by fans. Hopper emerged from the experience with a black eye, and, along with fellow gas attendant Aubery Brown, a $25 fine; Charges against Elvis were dropped when it was proven that Hopper hit Elvis first. Elvis later interceded to try and get Hopper his job back.

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The Egypt (Sphinx) Gallery at the Penn Museum houses one of the finest collections of Egyptian architecture on display in the United States. A monumental granite sphinx dominates the gallery. Surrounding it are the gateway, columns, doorways and windows from the best preserved royal palace ever excavated in Egypt. The palace was built for the New Kingdom pharaoh Merenptah (r. 1213-1204 BCE) at the city of Memphis in Lower Egypt.

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