The Waterfall | 9/11 Memorial, World Trade Center, New York City

The Making of the National 9/11 Memorial

The National Memorial Waterfall, NY Water Gushes Into Granite Pools - Rushing water at the Reflecting Absence memorial captures sunlight and rainbows.

NEW YORK  Rising from the ashes! One World Trade Center 1776ft.

Ground Zero Master Plan / Studio Daniel Libeskind

The Freedom Tower - World Trade Center - New York City - Replacement for the fallen Twin Towers - Standing feet tall - The Tallest Building in the USA

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Tour 6 of New York City's Most Incredible New Design Destinations

World Architecture Community News - Calatrava’s World Trade Center Transportation Hub is going to open to the public in June

The Statue of Liberty, flanked by the twin towers of the World Trade Center, Dec. 5, 1983. Photo by Fred R. Conrad

The Statue of Liberty, flanked by the twin towers of the World Trade Center, Dec. Photo by Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times. Love this photo so. I remember when the twin towers were being built, the sky line has just never been the same :(

WTC Transportation Hub, Manhattan by Santiago Calatrava #Architecture #WTC_TransitHub #Santiago_Calatrava

Santiago Calatrava's World Trade Center Transportation Hub - New York City, NY USA / Construction is making headway on this center which will be a link to all transportation facilities in the city as well as a visitor's destination and a major retailer.

I am so anxious to see this... It's aken a long time, but I feel families of tragedy, as well as plain ol Americans, should be proud of the beautiful memorial that has been built...

National September 11 Memorial / Handel Architects with Peter Walker

New Yorks World Trade Center. These structures were so massive in person. Visited New Years after 9/11. Very devastating. Looked as if asteroids had hit Manhatton. Now to visit completed memorial

So sad that The Twin Towers, NYC are gone forever because of Muslins but now Ground Zero is an awesome place to visit and reflect.


freedom tower

the Memorial Site and One World Trade Center. Ground Zero is being transformed into a permanent World Trade Center Memorial Site entitled 'Reflecting Absence', as well as a functional office and visitor building called the Freedom Tower.

World Trade Center Memorial and God bless America!

Lights of Twin Towers at Ground Zero, NY We went to New York when my boys were thirteen. It was a fantastic vacation! We were touched by ground zero, and we all want to return to see it now.

National September 11 Memorial - Tribute in Light

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Construction world trade center

Workers add a new section to the top of the World Trade Center Building in New York, Oct. making its height some feet, four feet taller than the Empire State Building.