This is so true it's not funny my face be SO hot I be like oh God please don't let her see this part

Top 25 Anime Memes

My mom always does this! Like, why can't you come in when their sleeping or something? <<< my mom walked one watching yaoi →_→

He looked everyone then came back in like FML the Bums just like Heeeeey where u looking for me??

Killing Stalking; Gallery🔪

If I could have one wish in the world it would probably be for life to be a Anime XD.

If I'd have to choose life or anime I'd choose anime think of all the hot guys!

I'm 110% positive that I've spent more time watching anime than I've slept.

I stayed up until in the morning watching fairy tale,black butler,naruto,blue exorcist,and attack on titian ya I burned the next day