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Breslow used a lot more now. Clark levels really only useful if you're dealing with a thin melanoma (if it's Clark 4 or 5, then it's still a bad prognosis).


Melanoma:Melanoma is a cancer that develops in melanocytes, the pigment cells present in the skin. It can be more serious than the other forms of skin cancer because it may spread to other parts of the body (metastasize) and cause serious illness and death. About 50,000 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed in the United States every year.

This is how my skin cancer looked. I was very lucky to have caught it early. I now have a huge scar above my eye. BEWARE-Melanoma skin cancer

Read about how levels of a protein called ATG5 were linked to melanoma…

Bridging the Gap Between Financial Distress and Available Resources for Patients With Cancer: A Qualitative Study

Former President Jimmy Carter is fighting cancer with grace. He revealed there is melanoma on his brain and went through radiation Thursday. His treatment includes pembrolizumab, a drug approved just last year. Dr. David Agus, who leads the Westside Cancer Center at the University of Southern California, joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss Carter’s prognosis.


Retired pastor credits recovery from 6 brain tumors to his faith in God

"Retired pastor credits recovery from 6 brain tumors to his faith in God". Not GBM, but still inspiring!