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Melancholy Synonym

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a medicine for sorrow, literally an anti-depressant, a "drug of forgetfulness" mentioned in ancient Greek literature


alone. yes, that's the key word, the most awful world in the english tongue. murder doesn't hold a candle to it and hell is only a poor synonym

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Sobre se sentir normal…


"alone ... hell is only a poor synonym" -Stephen King


An illustration with the words happy, glad, delighted, ecstatic, joyful, elated and an illustration with the words sad, despairing, heartbroken, dismal, down, melancholy and blue for concept of synonyms, opposite, typography

Sepulchral: adjective. Of or relating to a tomb or interment: "sepulchral monuments" •gloomy; dismal: "a speech delivered in sepulchral tones" synonyms: gloomy · lugubrious · somber · melancholy · More antonyms: cheerful

The conventional wisdom is that the Portuguese term saudade doesn’t have an equivalent in any other language. But according to an entry in wikipedia, there are quasy-synonyms in several langu…