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Megyn Kelly Family

Fox News Megyn Kelly's Duggar interview to shows a family's callous disregard of reality CAN'T CALL JOSH A PEDOPHILE BECAUSE HE WAS A KID, UNDER 16, WHEN HE DID IT!?!

from Salon

Megyn Kelly mocks insecure GOP candidates for their mob-style “family meeting”: “What do they want, a foot massage?”

GOP's First 2016 Debate Showcases Its Right-Wingers and True Crazies; Fox News shows the nation how nuts the GOP has become. It is not a party of mere establishment right-wingers, but out-and-out crazies running for the presidency.

Duggars Open Up To Fox-TV’s Megyn Kelly On Family Sex Scandal -

from Mail Online

Megyn Kelly steps out in New York

On Sunday, Megyn Kelly appeared to be in family mode as she stepped out with her husband Douglas Brunt and their three children