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Love this idea. I've been meaning to find a way to use up doll parts from collecting so many heads over the years!

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Megan Fox lookalike earns 1.2 MILLION Instagram followers

Stealing her thunder: One Instagram fan said Claudia is 'even better than Megan Fox' ...

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The Perfect Fit Mitten

These mittens will fit you perfectly because they can be easily customized in length! They are the next pattern in my "Crochet Basics" series, which means they are simple and adorable. Perfect for learning, teaching, selling or gifting!

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Good ol' spell check usually catches this mistake: "Alot" isn't a word and "a lot" means a large amo... - Megan Tatem

@Emma Zangs Zangs Zangs Krueger & @Megan Ward Ward Ward Elizabeth PLEASE CAN WE GET ONE??!!!!! I mean seriously we need one! :-)

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Love, kindness and compassion are harder to show others when your being verbally attacked BUT how you react shows more about your character than theirs.

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Megan: Meaning, Popularity, Origin of Baby Name Megan | Baby Name Wizard