She is beautiful before and after...

Megan Fox had a number of discreet plastic surgery procedures done, which did wonders for her floundering career. She had breast implants installed and a nose job, among other things.

I love her hair                                                       …

Megan Fox

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<b>In Touch Weekly ran a story in their magazine this week claiming that Megan Fox has spent over $60,000 on plastic surgery to her face.</b> Take a look at these photos from the past few years and decide for yourself.

Megan Fox's Ever-Changing Face Through The Years

Megan Fox, pre-surgery and/or weight loss and/or growing up. I've never cared about her, but she really was a knockout back then!

22 Celebrities Before And After Plastic Surgery

22 Celebrities Before And After Plastic Surgery

Megan Fox Nose Job/lips/chin/boobs Ugh I though she was all real and shit..

Megan Fox plastic surgery has paid a lot of people attention, she has been suspected to have several surgery procedures such as breast implants, nose job, lip augmentation, botox and fillers as well.

What Megan Fox looked like before she got famous—and why her experiments with injectables should be a cautionary tale:

Megan Fox, Before and After