What Megan Fox looked like before she got famous—and why her experiments with injectables should be a cautionary tale:

Megan Fox, Before and After

Megan Fox Photos - Actress Megan Fox of the US attends the press conference for the new film 'Transformers' at Carriageworks on June 2007 in Sydney, Australia.

She is beautiful before and after...

Megan Fox had a number of discreet plastic surgery procedures done, which did wonders for her floundering career. She had breast implants installed and a nose job, among other things.

Megan Fox Nose Job/lips/chin/boobs Ugh I though she was all real and shit..

Megan Fox plastic surgery has paid a lot of people attention, she has been suspected to have several surgery procedures such as breast implants, nose job, lip augmentation, botox and fillers as well.

Megan Fox before plastic surgery | Megan Fox plastic surgery before and after photos: nose job, boob job The nose was better before. Not sure about the boobs!

25 Celebrity Nose Jobs (rhinoplasty) before and after pics Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Surgery (PHOTOS)

Megan Fox nose job                                                                                                                                                     Mehr

How much nose job costs? What are the factors that affect the nose job cost? What are the price changes of nose jobs?

Megan Fox before after lip injection and chemical peel

Celebrity before after plastic surgery

Celebrity Megan Foxs New Face Jonah Hex Premiere posted on Oct find celebrities plastic surgery before and after photos

Megan Fox before and after still luv her though

Megan Fox before and after

Not that amazed by this though as plastic surgery is the norm in this part of the world. I've seen guys turn into beautiful ladies within a year.