Mediterranean punch bowls

Dirt Dessert Recipe I've done this with gummy worms burried inside and in place of an actual flower pot I sometimes use a glass vase or trifle dish. YUM!

This creamy Mediterranean inspired tahini dressing, is perfect for making a salad a meal, upgrading your sandwiches' mayo and packs a punch to bean burgers.

"In our stressed society, time is at a premium. Beholden to our worldly schedules, we try to adapt our children to our needs, rather than serving theirs."

Handpainted Punch Bowl Made On Italy For MEDITERRANEAN SHOW

Some people push the limits of what might be called a #HomeBar. In 1664 Admiral Edward Russel commander of the British Mediterranean Fleet through the worlds largest cocktail party by turning a garden fountain into a punch bowl. Thanks to meticulous military records we know exactly what went into this punch bowl: 254 gallons of brandy 250 gallons Malaga wine 1200 pounds of sugar 2500 lemons 20 gallons of lime juice and 5 pounds of nutmeg. Bartenders rowed from guest to guest in wooden canoes…

Sangria | If you have some cold sparkling water in the fridge, you can assemble a pitcher of this refreshing sangria in a matter of minutes. When serving a crowd, double or triple the recipe and let guests serve themselves from a large punch bowl.

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