If you are not sure what your blood pressure should be or whether your pressure is a little lower or higher than it should be, take a look at this helpful chart which puts all the information neatly at your fingertips!


Five books to read before starting medical school

Five books to read before starting medical school (pictured one of my heroes Dr Oliver Sacks.


Tips for High School Students Who Want to be a Doctor

The article gives a variety of tips on how to reach the goal of being a doctor. It talkes about the importance of school grades and the choice of classes before a student even graduated. In addition it talkes about how low or high expectations should be, whether or not people should have a plan B when they wish to get into the medical field. It also talkes about the four year long college education which is required.


Labeled Skeletal System Diagram

A basic human skeleton is studied in schools with a simple diagram. It is also studied in art schools, while in-depth study of the skeleton is done in the medical field. This article explains the bone structure of the human body, using a labeled skeletal system diagram and a simple technique to memorize the names of all the bones.


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Phlebotomy Terminology List  - Plus Click Through For An Interactive Practice Test! #phlebotomy
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