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An automotive technician is a skilled tradesperson who excels in the field of maintaining and repairing vehicles. Individuals who are willing to enter the field of this skilled trade can look for grants that are often provided to them under apprenticeship programs. Apprenticeships allow an... Auto Mechanic, Auto Mechanic Career, Auto Mechanic Colleges, Auto Mechanic Information, Auto Mechanic Job Description, Auto Mechanic Jobs, Auto Mechanic Salary Per Year, Auto Mechanic S

Imagine it’s summer vacation. You’re on break from your auto mechanic apprenticeship and want to do some off-roading.

URGENTLY NEEDED US$50 per month (AU$75) for 12 months Mechanic Apprenticeship for Chamroeun (All donations are tax deductible in Australia, UK, USA, and Canada) Meet 18 year old Chamroeun who is a beautiful humble young man from an extremely poor family with a widowed mother. He has just completed Primary School, but because of poverty cannot afford to attend High School.