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Meat art - "Stop Staring at My Rump"- cheeky meat print

original watercolor and ink painting. original SOLD Lamb breast. It's good folks. ***UPDATE. Prints now available ***


Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

To the bae as fuck guy in my advisory as well and the other bae as fuck guy in my friends advisory. We will befriend you soon, very soon then our wild romance will flourish!!! (Seeing as things go as planned.. lmao)


gemma correll's tumblr of things and stuff


XD I can't take it anymore... Sans is amazing! I have to start using puns on my friends soon.


The Greatest Chicken Satay

I have finally nailed the perfect chicken satay recipe! How long have I been going on about chicken satay? 2, 3 years? Well, possibly about 22 but I haven’t had the blog for that long SO YOU CAN’T PROVE IT! Anyway, after a process of trial and deliciously sticky (pun intended) error, I finally think... Read more


WE HAVE MEAT SLICERS! I'd make a meat pun, but I'd probably butcher it.. Whether you're looking to slice sandwich meat, roasts, or even cheese, Vortex has what you need! Come see us at 763 Terminal Avenue today! 🧀🍖 #vancouver #vancouvereats #vancouverrestaurants #restaurants #restaurantequipment #vancity #vancityeats #vancityhype #yvr #yvreats #yvrfoodies #vancityfoodies #foodies #foodporn #meatslicer #chef #kitchendesign #commercialkitchen #vortex #kitchens

15 Of The Best Worst Dad Jokes On Tumblr

15 Of The Best Worst Dad Jokes On Tumblr Why do I love these so much So much fabulousness


You're Bacon Me Crazy | Sticker

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