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Take your kitchen game up a notch for fall with copper baking tools. Not only does this rich metal add warmth to your home, but these metallic measuring cups and spoons are absolutely stunning. This season, it’s copper’s time to shine.

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10 Literary Authors Who Illustrated Their Own Work

William Blake is famous for his “illuminated” books, many of which he wrote, illustrated, and printed himself, as much a pioneer in visual art as he was in poetry. The above etching/watercolour “Ancient of Days” is from his 1794 prophetic book Europe a Prophecy.

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children | ideas | make with your kids your own pan-flute from drinking straws | easy tutorial for a lot of fun

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Clary, Jace, Simon, Valentine, Magnus. I really loved these books, but I'm nervous about the movies. I don't quite agree with some of the casting. I think I'll get over it, but things like how deep Jace's voice is and how thick and bushy Clary's eyesbrows are and Magnus's mustache are really going to bother me if I go see this movie.

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Custom Design/Doodle on Ukulele

Since grade I've been playing (and learning to play) the ukulele, along with a tad bit of guitar. Ukulele helps me express myself through music and interpret my love for other artists' work.

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Survival of the Flutist. This is hilarious. Yes, I know it's called "stagger breathing", but this is still awesome.

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Craniometer. This instrument was used for measuring the external dimensions of skulls for comparative studies. Craniometry was also used in phrenology, which appeard to determine character, personality traits, and criminality on the basis of the shape of the head. This Reproduction Craniometer is a 26" tall

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