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Good morning baby,I think I got hit yesterday by sarcasm meme and had to hide to my cave,And everything like fall to pieces instantly .And then in the night there was one about anorexia and I caught wrong end again I thought you are struggling with it. .It`s not easy when you not around, Like being lost without you trying to find you in pictures.

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Hahah. I laughed but honestly I believe if it is meant to be it will be someday, somewhere, somehow...if it's meant to be! Forget the mistakes you make with timing.

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And the world spoke to me and my boyfriend on August 4th,2013 because that's when we stopped separating and got together permanently....because we are meant to be together<3 :)

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I just should've never met her. My life was good. Well, it was ok. Now I'm just trying to get her out of my life. She thinks I'm not worth anything, no prob. Just get your stuff out, and give back my stuff

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50 Moving On Quotes To Forget About Him

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I love this! Society places so many damn rules on shit. Live your own life according to you!!

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Absolutely! I knew from the moment I met my husband that we were meant to be together! I knew we were going to get married. It was gods way of saying he is mine and I am his!

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