What's meant to be will always find a way.

But I keep telling myself, "Let go and let God". I know that what's meant to be will always find a way.

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Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

"Give people time. Give people space. Don't beg anyone to stay. What's meant for you will always be yours.

Again, this is so you and I, baby!

I'm not so sure we're meant to be together. but we're meant for something. we have a connection that isn't going away.whatever weird, twisted, heart wrenching connection that may be

The Couples that are meant to be love quotes.

I feel I came to this area, and met you for a reason, honestly. Even throughout all this confusion you are currently experiencing.

Lessons Learned in Life | Whoever is meant to be in your life.

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I’m a very strong believer that whoever is meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, regardless how far they wander.

Too strong to be a coincidence... - Wanda Crawford - Google+

Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences. And if it doesn't, I will fight for you.