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I definitely found her yet I still may not get to have her, even though I am the one who has seen her from the start, I have always known who she is. I see her good, and I see her bad and I except both because I am both.


Thankshahahaha... I need to start doing stuff like this. Think of all the things you could get away with saying. awesome pin


Charlie crossed her arms trying to hold the mirk coming onto her face at the annoyed look of the Snake Girl, Nala. Nala pouted, "Well let me print you in your memory." Before Charlie could do anything Nala fropped onto the ground, the girl Ariana stood over her a baseball bat in her hand. She looked up at Charlie raising an eyebrow,"You look annoying." "Oh no no need to thank me for helping you. All in a day's work


This is a wonderful word with stirring origins. Nothing to do with the utensil you use to stir your tea, spoondrift is derived from the old Scots word ‘spoon’ which meant ‘to run before the wind’ while drift may come from the Old Norse ‘drift’, like snowdrift.


10 Most Commonly Misused Words [Grammar, vocabulary] - hmmmph!? I thought "PERUSE" meant "to skim over" when reading... REDUNDANT & ENORMITY also are new definitions for me... BUT, we all know that CONVERSATE IS NOT A WORD, right!?