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•♥°˜°♥.ˎ* ˏ.٠•Fairy house❉..ღ. ♥ღ Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.


Just a woman, living in the City of Lights, sharing a random collection of her interests and obsessions. Weird stuff, history, vintage, good music, pin ups, lingerie, makeup, art and nature, vintage, the Anything, weird, glamorous,...


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Community Post: 22 Funny Alternate Movie Posters

Ganconer - Folklore Concept Art. A gancanagh from Irish gean cánach, meaning "love talker" is a male fairy in Irish mythology that is known for seducing human women. W. B. Yeats wrote of the gancanagh in 1888, it is pronounced gánconagh.

“As an Archaeologist, I wanted my first tattoo to be something related to culture. The Ouroborus is an ancient symbol of a serpent biting its tail and has been a part of a number of cultures and beliefs including (but not limited to!) Egyptian, Greek (who “borrowed” it from the Phoenicians and gave it the name “ouroborus” meaning “tail-eater”), Norse, Chinese, Aztec, Hindu, and various Native American Indian mythologies. The snake in my tattoo is a custom piece by my tattooist, but the…


Dryads are specifically the nymphs of oak trees, though the term has come to be used for all tree nymphs in general. They were normally considered to be very shy creatures, except around the goddess Artemis, who was known to be a friend to most nymphs.