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DIY triangle leather pouch (Almost Makes Perfect)

a little fun fact, you can usually tell how easy and satisfying a DIY i’ve made is by how many i’ve made. so the fact that i made four of these means it’s like a good DIY ok? materials faux leather

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Who else thinks insight looks the start up button on a computer? What if that was done on purpose, you DO go on the computer for insight.

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Psychology of Vision Triangle Model was created by psychologist Dr C. Spezzano as a means for understanding and improving the quality of our relationships. It charts our psychological evolution and identifies a number phases and stages that we typically move through in life. See if you can identify the current stage of your relationship or life from the descriptions provided at website. [pdf version available for download & printing]

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Baked Parmesan Polenta Fries

In Naples triangles of fried polenta are called scagnuozzi (I hope I haven’t misspelled it – although I was born in Naples, I do not know the dialect very well!). These scagnuozzi (meaning “henchmen”) are yummy treats that every pizzeria sells as a street food fix or appetizer/entree for the Neapolitan pizza. That said, these are not the Neapolitan scagnuozzi but my healthified version of them. I oven baked polenta to save lots of frying oil and – above all – many many KCals. Since baked…

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