Interests: Tattoos. I love tattoos because they can have so much meaning. It's scary to think that tattoos can be on you for life but if there is a special meaning to it, it's really beautiful. Tattoos are a beautiful work of art and are a really good conversation starter.

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Mandala tattoo - Back and shoulder mandala tattoo. In whatever part of the body the tattoo will be inked, it is important that it can show the perfect circle shape as it is essential to the tattoo’s meaning.

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Swallow Tattoo Hmm...for me and the hubs since we fish so much? It isn't sailing but we've logged quite a few miles. And we're loyal to each other, another significant detail of the swallow.

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Seahorse Tattoo concept. Line drawing. Linear. Sketchy tat design. Ink. Pen and pencil.

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Have you seen a Hamsa tattoo? You probably have. The design is very popular for tattoos, jewelry and other items. Colorful Hamsa tattoos can be stunning pieces of art. A black and gray tattoo can also be very striking though. The design itself evokes a sense of mystery and touches something deep inside people when

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