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Mothers of children with autism have stress levels comparable to combat veterans. #AIR#Autismisrealnotanexscuse

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(Shifter Rp? Be whoever and you can be as many characters you want in it. Just take take over my characters please. I'm the leopard that's cuddling the black one. Please comment and add me so we can message please since I can't reply to comments) -I purr as I hug him. He growls lowly and pushes me off and walks away shifting to human form. I run forward and shift next to him. He glances at me and rolls his eyes-"put some clothes on Lila "-i look down and shrug and when I feel eyes looking…

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Tbh the whole series was just a mess of confusion idek how to feel

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I love this so much... It's so overwhelming to know that the death of his father caused all this. Billie's siblings have even said that once their father died it was like music was his only escape and that was it. As if he were doing it for his father❤️

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AWSDIKBWDASXVGBHKISAUBCVKUEYVE= My reaction every time I see this photo. Sibling goals

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Scottish Wildcat (felis sylvestris grampia) The Highland wildcat is, in short, a magnificent predator. However, it is also a highly endangered one. Indeed, according to a report published last week, Felis silvestris grampia is now hovering at the edge of extinction and could be wiped out, in the wild, in the next few months.

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Community Post: Which Character From The Darkest Minds Are You?

Alix, average commoner who works at the factories to provide for her family. Only her siblings know about her ability to feel the fears, desires, and hopes of others. - Art Nerd

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Here Are The 25 Cutest Things That's Ever Happened. I Can't Get Over #10.

The fact the person is holding it means it's going to die. Turtles hatch at night so they can follow the moon. Gulls, other birds, fish, raccoons, and crabs all eat baby turtles as they try to reach the ocean. This turtle might not make it and has been left by its siblings. Only about twelve turtles survive if it's the first group the mother has laid, out of around one hundred eggs, if they're lucky.<<<< well that's depressing

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