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Meaning Of Patriotic

WWI British Propaganda Poster, featuring the portly "patriotic" British figure (the National personification of Britain; roughly equivalent to the American Uncle Sam) John Bull. He was depicted as everything that was seen as being (for the time) the best about Britain: a middle-aged fat, rich country squire, who said what he thought and never apologised. I'm not sure if some John Prescott-type would persuade me to throw down my life in a cold, wet trench, but times were different back then.

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this wouldn't actually happen, newt and Minho were two of the first people to come in the glade, they came in together. #geek

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Nationalism and Patriotism - Americans hold the fact that they are Americans in very high regard. From national anthems, the pledge of allegiance, and the power of the flag and the perceived meaning behind it, Americans hold the flag as a symbol of what the nation stands for, which is why I picked an image of the United States flag.

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Best Winston Churchill Quotes

This pin is more as a reminder to myself than anything else. I've learned a little about Churchill, and have always meant to read and learn more. What I know really makes me want to learn more, but I keep reading other things. Maybe on vacation, when I actually take one...

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HAHAHAHA that last one tho! I mean, it's really sad cuz all of their mothers are dead, but still....

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In the 1980s, these monuments attracted millions of visitors per year, especially young pioneers for their "patriotic education." After the Republic dissolved in early 1990s, they were completely abandoned, and their symbolic meanings were forever lost.

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I Liked Heraclitus Fragments with Translation and Commentary Out of every one hundred men nine battle ah but the one is a warrior and he will bring the others back

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Maximilien Robespierre. What he said. Here is the reason a centralized, public education system will NEVER be trustworthy as the primary source of knowledge, learning or wisdom. Only privately-funded diversity in information sources empower the process of gathering in, sifting through and selection of the best ideas. Throwing money at a public education system is the height of ignorance...regardless of whether or not you still claim a political party. I don't.

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