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Meaning Of Instinct

Spark dab-bombing << Team Mystic!!!!! << YOU MEAN OUR DABBING LEADER OF INSTINCT

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So sweet. I mean he's always thinking of John first. The moment he drops an eyeball into a cup of tea his first instinct is to share it with him. Isn't he just so generous!

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Do I confuse you the way you confuse me? I do get could be for me or could yes you do or it could be no you don't...often things seem so ambiguous to me... I admit I can be an analytical over thinker combined with emotion and love is most important to me so when I'm unsure I do then go into a caution mode...because I love you does not mean I know everything about you or how you are with woman or love...Note...I am NEVER confused on why or how much I love…

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I won't let mean words harden my heart anymore, and I won't let unkind people ruin my spirits anymore......Allah deals with those who do mean things.

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The tiger symbolizes invincibility, might, power, strength purity, beauty, and strength. To let everyone know i have a tiger tattoo so this is the reason i got it because of its meaning :)

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Daily #Tarot Reading for December 3: Ace of Wands Something essential is burning within you and longs to be #unleashed on the world when you pull the Ace of Wands from the deck. A #primal #creative #impulse deserves your attention and cultivation have you been meaning to #write #paint or #speak your piece? This passion of yours is not something that can be learned or honed in school or assembled from the knowledge in books. This #energy is innately yours only you can stoke your #fire and…

Many dropped out of college as they were creating what allowed them to become wealthy

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Animal Odd Couples

Video: Studying the Emotional Lives of Animals - An Interview with Dr. Marc Bekoff | Nature | PBS

A fashion revolution?

By far the most exciting thing I saw last week during the couture in Paris wasn’t couture at all, but a website that launches today: The brainchild of Belgian designer Bruno Pieters, late of Hugo Boss, it is the most subversive etail initiative I have seen. I think it has the power to transform the fashion industry. Really. You know I don’t say these things lightly. Indeed, my natural instinct whenever a fashion person tells me they have something “revolutionary” happening…

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Those who do not fall victim to a narcissist listened to their instinct and walked away. Of course there are those who are not attracted to narcissists to begin with. Certainly does not mean we are at fault for ignoring our gut instinct. We may not be honed in to it, or we may have been seduced in such a way that we gave the narcissist the benefit of the doubt. #narcissist

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