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Brit Humour: 30 Things British People Say Vs What They Actually Mean - Graphic (Part 1)

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I can't decide what my favorite part of this is. God being Dean's father-in-law? Satan his brother-in-law? The fact that that conversation could totally make for a plausible episode? Naw, let's be honest, it's the "when."

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hahaha, not quite what feminism is meant to be about, but I thought this was good any way.

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hahahhah I did this to everyone is my phone today... well my friends anyway hahahah lol

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No ! Just because they treat you like a shit doesn't mean you have to put energy on the same game they're playing showing you' re not as different as they are, don't do that ! People of that kind are just building their way to a place maybe you can build too, but you really wanna be part of that? Is useless

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Call me Maybe- Heroes of Olympus style ~ I could seriously hear the song playing in my head as I sang this in my head.<<This is beautiful.

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Wow I can't even XD Oh GOD!! I'm DYing..!! i mean.. Decomposing!! hahahhaha

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