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A Leopard Can Not Change His Spots (A Clothes Horse)

A Leopard Can Not Change His Spots, a fashion post from the blog A Clothes Horse, written by A Clothes Horse on Bloglovin’


This was on my Bible class wall. I love this so much! C.S. Lewis also says "I don't understand what people mean when they say, 'I'm not afraid of God because He's good' have they never been to a dentist??" Love him.

emerald and blush invite suite | wedding stationery idea

A Girls Staycation :: Part 1


HEALTHY EATING and how to start

The mission of this article is to provide free information and resources about what “healthy eating” really is and raise awareness of common mainstream beliefs about healthy food and diets that are not necessarily true. If you are determined to start living better, change your diet for good and permanently lose weight, then this is the place to start! #health #nutrition